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I. submission of Manuscript

  1. Please read all the instructions on each page of the submission carefully.
  2. Create an account as an author. As a corresponding author, make sure that you write your name and your own email address that you would like to be reached.
  3. Please click on the square beside "select if this is the Correspond Author" at the end of the authors page. 
  4. Select "Submit a new manuscript"

    1. Select Manuscript Type

    2. Follow the steps until attach files.

    3. In the step of "attach file", choose file from your computer then press "attach file". if you notice that attaching is taking a long time (more than one minute), you need to press on "attach file" again until you see your file on a table below.

    4. Attach files that have this symbol beside it (*). If the mandatory files are not attached, the website will not allow you to finish your submission.

    5. Cover letter should include title of the manuscript, authors’ details.

    6. Follow the steps until you finish submission.

    7. All authors (whether they are supervisors or co-authors) should be included during submission as co-authors so that they can receive notifications during the whole process.

    8. In the step of " finish submission", review your details then press "submit manuscript"

    9. You'll receive email notifications for every step starting from submission till acceptance of the manuscript.

    10. When you receive corrections, click on ID number to see all corrections and downloads files sent back from Editor in chief and resubmit the corrected manuscript as “manuscript file”.

N.B: don't click on BACK button to go to a previous step. If you'd like to go to a previous step, press on the item on the side menu or "previous" button.

II. Guidelines for Manuscript writing

a. The Title Page:

  • The title page should include the title of the article, name of the corresponding author, email and full affiliation.

b. Authorship form:

  • The authorship form should be obtained from the journal’s secretary or from the journal’s website, signed from all authors (whether they are supervisors or co-authors).  An image (scanned or taken by a mobile) of an authorship form should be in JPEG format and should be uploaded as an authorship form.
  • You can download the authorship form from here.

c. Manuscript main file

  • Manuscript should be in a regular one-column format, not a 2-column format.
  • Font should be Times New Roman with font size of 12, space should be 1.15. All paragraphs should be justified with an indent. 

Title should be centralized and each word capitalized except for articles and prepositions (a, an, the, of, in, at, of,…etc) 

ABSTRACT: Provide an abstract containing 150 - 250 words. Briefly state the purpose, material and methods, results and conclusions. Subtitles within the abstract should be bold such as the illustrated example. 

Keywords: authors are asked to provide up to five keywords, to be used as an aid to indexing. 

Authors: information and Affiliations should be in the first page and will be added only after final reviewing. Affiliations should be referenced in text using superscript numbers without brackets as below. Names and affiliations of all authors should be correct as they wish to write them. 

N.B: for papers extracted from thesis: it should be written in footnote before author affiliation and this should be done after final reviewing:

Paper extracted from Master / Doctor thesis titled “…… … …… …………… ……… ….. ………………… ……………. ………………… …….. …………”

* Correct affiliation (place of work and position, city, country) should be written for each author as the example below 



Main Text:

  • Main text should include the following sections: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion. The article should finish with Conclusion, followed by Acknowledgements where necessary.
  • Subtitles, (ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIAL AND METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, REFERENCES) should be in bold, uppercase, not underlined and not numbered.
  • All text should be in the form of paragraphs beginning with an indent, with no underlining in text.
  • The journal is following Vancouver style. 


  • Figures should be kept to a reasonable number and they should be of high quality in JPG format with a size of 5x8.
  • PNG format is not allowed and they should be transformed into JPG as follows:
  • Write click on the figure and choose “save picture as”, then choose JPEG from options and replace the PNG format with JPEG.
  • You should never manipulate your images to change or improve your results.
  • Figures should be referred to in the text as (Fig. 1)
  • Below the figure, the title of the figure should be written as illustrated in the example. 

For microscopic images, be sure to:

  1. Include scale bars
  2. Consider labeling important items
  3. Indicate the meaning of different colors and symbols used, either on the image or below it.
  4. Number, Title and Description of the figure is written clearly below the figure.
  5. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any figures or illustrations that are protected by copyright.
  6. Figures that do not meet these standards will not be accepted and may delay publication until we receive high-resolution images following the standards.









Figure 1: Porosities masked by a blue binary color using computed image analysis software 


  • All tables should be black and white and not shaded.
  • Title of the table should be clearly written above the table as illustrated in the example.
  • Titles of columns and rows should be bold. However the rest of the content are not bold.
  • All contents of the table is centralized.
  • Statistical notes about the table are placed directly under the table as in example.















  • 70% of the total number of references should be within last 5 years. 30% of the total number of references should be within the last 2 years.
  • References should be referred to in text, as a superscript between brackets before the full stop.
  • Multiple successive references should be written with a dash; for example (14, 15, 16) should be written (14-16).
  • In the reference section, references are written as follows:


v  Citation of an article is written as: Author name, title of article, name of journal, year; volume: page number.

  • Do not write issue number
  • Page number format example: write 556-9 (don not write: 556-559), write 1134-55 (do not write 1134-1155).
  • If there are more than 6 authors in the reference, “et al” is written after the 6th author as in the example.
  • All references are not bold


Rashid FAwad MAThomason JMPiovano ASpielberg GPScilingo E, et al. The effectiveness of 2-implant overdentures - a pragmatic international multicentre study. J Oral Rehabil. 2011; 38:176-84 

v  Citation of an online article:


Goo CL, Tan KB. Fabricating CAD/CAM Implant- Retained Mandibular Bar Overdentures: A Clinical and Technical Overview. Case Rep Dent. 2017; 2017:9373818 

v  Citation of a book:


Phoenix RD, Cagna DR, DeFreest CF. Stewart's clinical removable partial prosthodontics 3rd ed. Carol Stream, Illionis, Quintessence, 2003.

III. Plagiarism check:

Plagiarism has to be less than 20%. If your manuscript exceeds this percentage, it will not be accepted.

IV. During editing and reviewing steps

  • During the editing process, please upload your original file with the corrections, not the file sent to you by the editors. 

V. Important dates to be considered

  • Manuscript should pass the plagiarism test after 2 times maximum.
  • Replying to the editing comments should be within one week, with a maximum of 2 editing reviews.

VI. Payment

  • After accepting the manuscript:
    1- please pay the assigned amount in the journal's bank account.
    2- You can find the bank account details below.

3- After payment, send the photo of the receipt in your journal's account to confirm for payment.

4- The receipt should be delivered to the journal's office in the faculty.


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