Effect of Natural Cross-Linkers on Shear Bond Strength to Dentin After Storage in Different Media

Document Type : Original Article


1 Dentist at Ministry of Health, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Professor and Head of Operative Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dental Medicine for girlsAl Azhar University.

3 Assistant Professor and Head of Dental Biomaterials Department, Faculty of Dental Medicine for girls Al Azhar University

4 Lecture of Operative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Assuit University


Objectives: This study was designed to evaluate the effect of natural cross linkers (Propolis and Hesperidin) on shear bond strength (SBS) to dentin after storage in different media. Materials and Methods: Ninety extracted molars were used and divided into three main groups according to dentin surface treatment (n=30) where, A1: treated with Propolis, A2: treated with Hesperidin and A3: receive no treatment to serve as a control group. Each group was further subdivided into 3 subgroups (n=10) according to the storage media either stored in Acids (B1) or stored in Artificial saliva (B2) or
stored in distilled Water (B3). The shear bond strength (SBS) was determined using a universal testing machine. Results: The dentin specimens treated with Propolis showed significantly highest SBS. Conclusion: Both Propolis and Hesperidin cross linking agents are considered beneficial in improving bonding to dentin, though Propolis was much more effective. Storage media has deteriorating effect on resin-dentin shear bond strength.