The Effect of Psychological Stress on Periodontal Disease during COVID-19 Virus Threat: Relation to Salivary Prostaglandin (PGE2)

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1 Dentist at Al -Azhar medical administration Girls branch.

2 Professor of Oral medicine, periodontology, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Faculty of Dentistry for Girls, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

3 Lecturer of Oral medicine, periodontology, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Faculty Dentistry for Girls, Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.


Purpose: The current study aimed to evaluate the impact of the stress on the periodontium and its clinical features present in the oral cavity, also to measure the PGE2 present in saliva and its effect on the periodontal disease. Subjects and Methods: A total number of thirty health care providers were involved in the study. They were passing through heavy physiological issues during theCOVID-19 pandemic threats. The study consisted of three phases. First phase the clinical periodontal evaluation which included assessment of Gingival index (GI), probing depth (PD) and clinical attachment level (CAL).Second phase the psychological stress was assessed via the PSS questionnaire. Third phase included the biochemical quantification of serum cortisol concentration and S-PGE2 levels using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays method (ELIZA) atthe beginning of the lockdown period then following up 3, 6 months later.Results: A statistically significant positive correlation was found between stress and cortisol (P0.05>), while a weak positive correlation was found between stress, PGE2 and periodontal readings through different time intervals. Conclusion: The novel pandemic of (COVID-19) and its consequences of lockdown period, acted as a stress inducing model in this study which in turns affected clinical parameters, serum cortisol level and PGE2 level as well.


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Volume 10, Issue 1
Issue1 January- Oral Medicine & Surgical Sciences issue (Oral Medicine, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Pathology, Oral Biology)
January 2023
Pages 139-150